The Erased Heads of Europe

Mermaid Art Centre Ireland  25-29/03/2019


The Sword & The Phone

 The 15th Irish Screen Studies Seminar

Huston School of Film & Digital Media, NUI Galway 9-10 May 2019


Burning the Bush 

Centre Culturel Irlandais Paris 2-4 July 2019


To The House Fire Dead

126 Artist-Run Gallery Galway 6-22 September 2019


Blank History: Artist film section Aesthetica Short Film Festival

York UK 06-10/11/2019


Unset in Stone Symposium

126 Artist-Run Gallery Galway 06-07/12/2019


Blank History (2018-2020) will extend to a series of murals, discussions, and painting out parties, (exploring the legacy of London squat culture during the 1970's & 80's), as well as a new single channel film.  

The project explores how contributions to history are orchestrated. Particular focus is made on human response to rapid alteration of space and the sublimation of loss experienced by the transformation.

The concept is explored by concentrating on ephemerality and chance. Blank History is here to mean history created by the unforeseen consequences of power. Historical progress, viewed from this vantage, allows an investigation into who controls, in both the immediate and longer term, the trajectory of Capital, Power and Language. 



Blank History Panels 3-7, Paint Marker, Emulsion on Insulated Plasterboard 2440mm x 6000mm. 126 Gallery Galway 2019. Image: Emma Zukovic

Blank History, (chosen in the artist film section of the Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2019), was shown alongside Monument To The House Fire Dead in a solo show at 126 Artist-run Gallery in Galway during 2019.

To accommodate the silent moving image work, Blank History was screened in a sound insulated cinema. A story narrative mural covers the walls of the cinema, running a combined length of 12metres. The mural shows the Grenfell fire, its aftermath and highlights the resilience of community under London's ever changing skyline.


Monument To The House Fire Dead 2009-2011 MiniDV transferred to Digital, 8.26mins 126 Gallery Galway 2019. Image: Emma Zukovic

The unsuccessful search to name both the homeless Irishman and a man the artist saw pulled dead from the river Thames is acknowledged in the other moving image work making up the exhibition. In Monument To The House Fire Dead the artist creates an ephemeral and silent monument to all the unnamed lost.

An essay Reason Or The Ratio was commissioned by the gallery for the Unset in Stone Symposium in December of the same year.

Blank History Panels 10-2, Paint Marker, Emulsion on Insulated Plasterboard 2440mm x 6000mm. 126 Gallery Galway 2019. Image: Emma Zukovic



THE ERASED HEADS OF EUROPE 2018 Mermaid Art Centre Ireland 25/03-29/03/2019

ERASED HEADS OF EUROPE is a gable end size mural made to be partially painted out. The 11 founders of the EU are seated before the European Flag. The faces and nameplates are painted in thereafter painted out, as is a large section of the surrounding flag. The work references the Brexit process but does so from the perspective of blank history.  The 11 came to a collective decision based on post war evidence. History progresses on reaction to decisions, the mural reflects this.

Begun on 25/03/2019 an Erased Head mural was painted on the wall of the Mermaid Art Centre Co Wicklow Ireland, completed on 28/03/209 and painted out on 29/03/2019, the orginal date for Britain to leave the European Union. Images: Megan Robinson


THE ERASED HEADS OF EUROPE 2018 Painted Out Mermaid Art Centre Ireland 25/03-29/03/2019




BLANK HISTORY Conflating a critique of the absence of biographical detail in Don McCullin's 1969 photograph "Homeless Irishman" with a poetic dissertation on immigrant love and loss this visually striking and highly original moving image work explores why some loss experience leads to civil disobedience more than others.

The film and the ideas raised within it are the result of witnessing the immediate collective community response on streets beneath the still burning Grenfell Tower.

Film/Talk took place at Rich Mix London 2019, screening followed by discussion on the sublimation of loss with Lacanian psychoanalyst Roger Litten


Squat Culture Mural 2017 Rich Mix Gallery London
Acrylic on plastered wall

9000mm x 2400mm

Squat Culture Mural Painted Out 2017

Squat Culture Rich Mix June 5th Images

Squat Culture is a one off event highlighting the correlation in being an immigrant and becoming an artist. The idea took shape from experience of encountering squat & warehouse parties after arriving to 1980's London from Ireland.

Prior to a one off event a mural is painted. The image is that of a rampant River engulfing the financial heart of a City. Wild beasts are carried along in the rushing tide. An audience is then invited to an opening. There, I invite the assembled audience to leave the mural and travel to a stage to hear 5 immigrant artists, selected from open call, perform a 1000 word essay on their experience of arriving/getting started in a new country. During their readings I depart the stage to paint out the mural. I return to close the evening by explaining the importance of creative ephemerality and object valuelessness before inviting the audience to revisit the concealed painting.

In June 2017 I hosted the first such evening event in the gallery and onstage at Rich Mix Art Centre in East London.



Siamsa Mural 2016: 6m x 3m approx Siamsa Tire Gallery Ireland

Siamsa Mural Painted Out

Seeing images of the painting out of a commissioned mural for the Irish Art Centres 25th year in its present building began the process of consciously creating and then covering large-scale murals