Squat Culture

Rich Mix London June 5th 2017



People Show Presents Artsadmin London Nov 23th 2017






Blank History (2018) will extend to a series of murals, discussions, and painting out parties, (exploring the legacy of London squat culture during the 1970's & 80's), as well as a new single channel film, He Does the Voices. 

The project explores how contributions to history are orchestrated. Particular focus is made on human response to rapid alteration of space and the sublimation of loss experienced by the transformation.

The concept is explored by concentrating on ephemerality and chance. Blank History is here to mean history created by the unforeseen consequences of power. Historical progress, viewed from this vantage, allows an investigation into who controls, in both the immediate and longer term, the trajectory of Capital, Power and Language. 

Squat Culture Rich Mix June 5th Images

Siamsa Mural 2016 images

Siamsa Mural 2016: 6m x 3m approx

Siamsa Mural Painted Out